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When spring arrives, will your landscape be ready?

Don’t let the winter cold damage to trees and shrubs go unnoticed.

It may seem like this winter is never-ending, but eventually, spring will come. When it does, will you be ready? Will your landscape be ready? At this time of year, we all pull back the blinds and can’t help but see the effects months of cold and snow has had on our lawns, however, your landscape is more than grass and it’s important not to overlook the impact winter can have on trees and shrubs. Why?

Trees are an integral part of any landscape. Trees offer many benefits to the environment and the homeowner. In addition to creating oxygen and cleaning the air, they have a cooling effect and when strategically placed, they can help conserve energy through their shade or as a shield against winter’s harshest winds.

Fluctuating temperatures and heavy ice buildup are just two of many weather hazards that can wreak havoc on the trees and shrubs in your yard. Even mighty evergreens are not immune. You, no doubt, have seen winter injuries just in the last few weeks as our “Four’easters” have whipped through.

Winter injury can be obvious, like a broken limb, or hidden for months and when recognized it may be too late. After winter, typical mulching and pruning may not be enough. Young’s Landscape Management takes the health of these plants seriously and has developed its comprehensive eight-step Ornamental Tree & Shrub Care Program designed to promote year-round vitality. Getting your landscape through the harsh winter begins in the spring. The regimen, which includes a combination of ornamental oil application, targeted insect and disease control, plant feedings and other seasonal treatments, is tailored to fit not only the specific type of trees and shrubs but the property, it’s lighting, soil and more. Our program keeps your landscape at it’s healthiest and healthy trees and shrubs ride out our winter’s better than stressed plants already dealing with problems of their own.

So, whether your landscape is home to oaks or cedars, rhododendrons or boxwood, take good care. For more FAQs, visit our website. Questions about your particular home? We’re here to answer.

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