The Heat is On!

Is your lawn at risk of heat exhaustion?

The short answer is yes. As we head into the hot and humid days of summer, the fall season starts to look better and better. But with back to school planning, football season and more traffic come the ever-growing brown lawn patches that have suddenly appeared over the weeks of beaming sun. Like the rest of us, lawns need rejuvenation and the Young’s Landscape Management Lawn Renovation program is the perfect “spa” package.

While year-round care is a good first step to protecting grass from hot summer temperatures, the heat and humidity can often be even too much for the healthiest lawns. The cool season grasses common in this area tend to stop growing and lose color. They are also susceptible to diseases and insects. The result – patches of brown that rival the quilts grandmothers are known to make. At Young’s Landscape Management, lawn renovation is a comprehensive 3-part program combining core aeration, slice seeding and dethatching to bring the most damaged lawns back to life.

To non-landscape professionals,  terms like “de-thatching” or “core aeration” may be a bit intimidating, so we thought a little knowledge can go a long way:

Core Aeration involves removing many small plugs from the lawn, allowing beneficial nutrients to reach and penetrate the roots more effectively. Grass areas with bare spots and thinning are the prime target for Slice Seeding, which uses special rotating knives to cut through thatch and soil to create small slits, and plants seeds at the proper depth. This ideal seed-to-soil contact enhances seed germination. Act three in this Lawn Renovation play is Dethatching and the removal of slowly decomposing grass and dead roots that lie just above the soil, preventing water and other nutrients from reaching the roots. Often not needed but every three years, the use of a power rake by professional lawn care specialists should be considered.

While this may be enough lawn speak for most, curiosity seekers can find a more detailed look at each step right here at your fingertips.

Many might feel it’s too early to think ahead to the Fall season. The combination of warm Fall days, cool nights and ample precipitation offer ideal conditions for proper germination and early turf development.  Planning now can ensure you won’t miss the ideal time for seeding with fewer weeds to inhibit growth and Ideal weather conditions to ensure a lawn rich in look and texture.

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