The Spotted Lantern Fly Present in Burlington and Camden Counties

spotted laternflies

As you probably heard, Spotted Laternflies are a significant nuisance but are also extremely dangerous to our country’s crops and trees. As summer ends, all the existing ones will die off, but they leave behind their eggs, which will grow the population EXPONENTIALLY next spring and continue their spread. Each Spotted Lanternfly can lay hundreds of eggs, so continue to kill as many adults as you find, especially since we know that they are present in Burlington and Camden Counties.

Between now and May, please keep a lookout for their egg masses on any vertical surfaces. Especially trees and the tops of stone/brick/stucco walls, lawn furniture, junk piles, firewood, etc. They lay eggs until December. You should scrape the egg masses into a plastic bag and douse with rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer. They’re only about the size of a quarter and are hard to see, so look carefully.

To learn more about the Spotted Laternflies and their eggs CLICK HERE

Also, another tip to keep your trees safe is wrapping them in flypaper wrap in the spring to help capture the nymphs. We caught tens of thousands of them on a single tree this past March/April when they were just the size of ticks. Just be sure to cover the paper in chicken wire. We learned this the hard way by having to free a squirrel and a bat. 

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