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Residential Landscape & Design

Young’s Landscape Management, Inc. has been providing a number of landscaping services to residential homeowners for over 25 years! Check out our full list of services below and click on one of them to find out more details.


Using all the natural elements a home has to offer, Young’s creates breathtaking scenes and tranquil garden retreats filled with lush plantings. When one thinks of landscaping, it is often the lawn that first comes to mind. It has been referred to as the canvas for a home’s exterior and shares both aesthetic and functional attributes. Young’s specializes in evaluating the right mix of grass, sod, and turf to create this critical foundation.


In addition to brilliant scenes with lush lawns, natural plantings, and well-manicured beds, Young’s is known for its skill and craftsmanship in hardscape design. Such exterior accents can include paths and patios, walkways and driveways, retaining walls, decks or any other exterior surfaces made with of hard-wearing materials.

Landscape Lighting

When the sun goes down, Young’s extends time spent outside at home with artistic exterior lighting, setting the mood for a romantic evening or festive gathering of family and friends. But the use of lighting can do much more. It accentuates natural and architectural details, ensures the safe use of outdoor amenities and adds a layer of home security.

Water Features

Young’s designers seamlessly blend water features into surrounding lawn, plantings, walkways, and patios, making the entire scene come alive. Decorative and playful accents create a refreshing environment that makes any social gathering-large or intimate, casual or elegant-richly rewarding.

Synthetic Turf

Y-TURF, the synthetic turf division Young’s Landscape Management, is revolutionizing outdoor exteriors and now more than ever have become a popular option for professionally designed and installed residential applications, including backyards, side yards, poolside and many other locations. From the Main Line to the New Jersey Shore, synthetic lawns are a cost-effective and highly durable landscaping solution for both summer homes and primary residences.


We maintain a robust nursery at our main office in Lumberton, New Jersey so we can nurture, prune, and shape our trees and shrubs to make our projects spectacular.

In addition to letting us raise our plants, so they’re exceptional, running our own nursery gives us-and you total control over everything you need to complete your project. So, not only can we ensure the quality of the products, but just as importantly, their availability and timing so your projects are always completed on schedule.

Lawn & Garden Care

Maintaining rich, vibrant landscaping requires attention and effort. To help maximum enjoyment and protect landscape investments, Young’s offers seasonal treatments, routine clean-ups and frequent lawn and garden care, and maintenance along with a selection of extensive and curative programs as needed.

Lawn Care & Maintenance

Young’s Landscape Management, Inc. can provide each client with a comprehensive maintenance program that is truly customized to fit you and your budget to help keep your lawn and garden looking beautiful all throughout the year.

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