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Young’s Landscaping knows that no matter how beautiful your final landscape design is, it is only as perfect as the maintenance you perform. That is precisely why Young’s Landscaping offers a complete lawn & garden care program to help you maintain your landscape for years to come. Whether you are interested in organic care, more traditional approaches, renovation, or anything in between, Young’s Landscaping is happy to help.

Lawn & Garden Care Programs

Young’s landscaping offers several lawn care options for your home. Our programs are customized for each customer to fit his or her needs, as opposed to prepackaged plans. From the moment we opened our doors, we have worked to stay on top of the trends as well as what is best for the environment and our customers’ wallets. One of the offered services at Young’s Landscaping is our traditional program, which provides treatments and services to maintain your lawn and keep it lush and beautiful all through the year. This program utilizes pre and post-emergent weed control as well as pH balancing for your soil and winter protection to make sure your lawn is well maintained all year.

If you are interested in a better option for your family and the environment, Young’s Landscaping is proud to offer our organic lawn care program. We use organic fertilizer in conjunction with a reduced amount of weed, disease, and insect control applications. In aiding in keeping the cost down and the environment healthier, our organic lawn care program includes a reduced amount of applications throughout the year, yet it never sacrifices quality.

Beyond our traditional and organic lawn care services, Young’s Landscaping offers tree and shrub care, which helps keep your trees and shrubs insect and disease free throughout the year. We also offer general maintenance, which includes lawn mowing, trimming, edging, and weeding throughout the year, as scheduled.

Lawn & Garden Care to the Next Level

Young’s Landscaping offers several lawn & garden care services which go well beyond the standard in most homeowners’ minds. For example, we offer:

  • Lawn Renovation. This service is done during the fall season to enhance your lawn and allow it to grow full and lush once spring rolls around. We use core aeration, slice seeding, and dethatching to enhance your lawn and allow it to grow.
    Learn More About Lawn Renovation
  • Traditional Lawn Care Program. This service provides comprehensive treatments and services to maintain the beauty of your lawn throughout the year, with a combination of slow, seasonal fertilization, pre, and post-emergency weed control, soil pH balancing, and winter protection.
    Learn More About Traditional Lawn Care Program
  • Tree & Shrub Care. This is a seven-step program designed to promote year-round health and vitality. It includes a combination of ornamental oil application, targeted insect and disease control, plant feedings, and other seasonal treatments.
    Learn More About Tree & Shrub Care
  • Organic Lawn Care. This organic lawn care program uses only organic fertilizer in combination with a reduced amount of weed, disease, and insect control applications. Young’s Landscaping combines this technique with a reduced amount of yearly applications to complete the organic lawn care program.
    Learn More About Organic Lawn Care
  • Spotted Lanternfly Treatment. Our 5-APPLICATION PROGRAM will protect the trees on your property. Starting in early spring, we will perform a series of treatments every 6 – 8 weeks. The treatments will consist of soil drenching and trunk, branch, and foliage sprays to address the nymph stage through the adult stage.
    Learn More About Spotted Lanternfly Treatment

To learn more about our complete lawn and garden care program, contact us today for your free consultation.

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Lawn Care & Maintenance

Young’s Landscape Management, Inc. can provide each client with a comprehensive maintenance program that is truly customized to fit you and your budget to help keep your lawn and garden looking beautiful all throughout the year.

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