What are the latest trends in landscape design?

There are no bad questions just some are simply asked more than others.

We’ve all heard the phrase “frequently asked questions.” Every industry has such a list; landscaping included. In our world, there are many in fact yet one more common than any other.  Any idea? Yes, “what are the latest trends in landscape design” – that’s it. And guess what… it’s a question that we at Young Landscape ask ourselves too.  Staying up to date with the latest in plants, materials, technology, lifestyles, climate changes and other key components is one of the most important facets of our work. With that said, let’s get you some answers.

Outdoor Dining Sanctuaries
While not new, outdoor kitchens remain “hot” on the list – ok pun intended. The full-fledged culinary hubs today put traditional barbeque grills to shame. From burners and rotisseries to searing areas and built-in smokers, the grill is only one component. Many outdoor kitchens have a refrigerator, storage areas, and even a wet bar. However, one more recent trend isn’t so much about the kitchen features but more about placement. Nowadays, designers and homeowners are choosing to create greater separation and escape further into a garden area.

Artistic One-of-a-Kind Craftsmanship
When baking, it’s the blending of ingredients and that special something which makes the difference. The same can be said about landscape design. At Young’s Landscape, we encourage clients to embrace new ideas – trade in mass-produced planters with handcrafted designs or incorporate creative mosaic stepping stones in place of a simple walkway. On a larger scale, structures, such as arbors, pergolas, and trellises, combined with just the right choice of natural plantings and colors, makes a home oasis like no other.

Making the Most of Each Season
Spring and summer are known to be peak landscaping periods. But who says your home’s exterior can’t (and shouldn’t) be beautiful year round? The good news is there is any number of ways to avoid a dreary home exterior. The popularity of featuring shades of green last year has given way to more color, pattern, and texture in plant selection. Try seasonal reblooming hydrangeas or fruit-bearing shrubs with colorful berries amid versatile pagoda dogwoods and texture-filled evergreens – just some of the year-round options.

Landscape Without Walls
An outdoor kitchen with dual-burner grill and wet bar. An oversize tiered terrace for adult conversation and teenager-friendly fetes. An elaborate entertainment area and a whimsical play structure. Outdoor living environments can be many different things, but the best outdoor spaces share one thing in common: there are no walls. These natural extensions blend lush plantings with man-made hardscapes, accent lighting and water features with a functional yet unique design to complement a home’s environment and style.

Y-Turf – The Answer to a Difficult Landscape
You’ve probably heard us talk about Y-Turf and how it makes outdoor playtime entertaining at any age. But it’s not just for fun. Often homes are wrought with hard to grow patches. Too shady,  rocky and sandy. These are just some of the terrains in which natural grass may not flourish so using artificial turf – even on a very limited scale – can have that perfect manicured look with little effort.

So as summer winds down, your home’s outdoor beauty doesn’t have to fade. Change is good and at Young’s Landscape, we’re ready to help you kick back and relax year round. Need some inspiration… take a look.

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