Outdoor fun doesn’t end at sundown.

Lighten up with landscape lighting.

Landscape lighting is no longer the small pagoda path lights of the past. Today the variety of products is matched only by the unique artistry they create when designed and installed properly. While each project differs in scope, there are three common benefits. Young’s Landscape refers to them as the 3 S’s – safety, security, and setting. Lighting can ensure the safe use of outdoor amenities, add a layer of home security and definitely set a mood. When the three come together, the result is illuminating.

As with everything these days, exterior landscape lighting hasn’t escaped the DIY trend and many clients ask why use a professional? Like the 3’s, the answer comes down to three key factors – the right product, the right placement and the right selection of power, angle and color temperature.

For starters, lighting should be low maintenance and long-lasting. Irrigation, fertilizer, insecticides, and bugs all take a toll. Not to mention our Nor’easters and the salt air near the shore can truly wreak havoc. The good news – Young’s Landscape has found the perfect partner in Coastal Source, a manufacturer we’ve been working with for years. Its superior lighting and installation systems designed and engineered to defy the elements. From corrosion resistance and power efficiency to system flexibility and fixture design, they are top-notch. Young’s Landscape is one of a Coastal Source’s hand-selected partners, and we are able to provide our clients all they have to offer, including their exclusive patent-pending Coastal Connector and plug-and-play wiring.

Landscape lighting installation is as important as the product itself. This means adapting to different applications. It’s these subtleties that can truly make the difference. At Young’s Landscape, we make several visits to your property – both during the day and at night. This enables us to design a lighting plan with the best placement and hues to complement your landscape.

Close your eyes and imagine… Bullet lights with specialized mounts that create beautiful angles for uplighting trees or downlighting from directly above. How about backlighting to silhouette sculptures, plantings and more? Landscape lighting is not colorless either. In fact, it is quite the opposite. LED bulbs vary in tones each creating their own effect. Moonlight is a traditional blue hue ideal for blue-tone plants while the warmer yellow Sunrisehue complements greener plants. Then there is Daylight for a natural hue that neither alters true inherent color nor the beauty of nature.

Now open your eyes and see some examples. At Young’s Landscaping, we say … Go ahead, lighten up when the sun goes down.

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