Timing is everything.

The when, what and how in lawn watering.

Timing is everything. It may be cliché but certainly true. There are better times of day for virtually anything we do – when to eat, take standardized tests, have surgery and even post a blog. Watering the lawn is no different. So, as we head into the hot summer months, Young’s Landscape shares best practices and tips for maintaining a healthy green landscape this season.

Morning noon or night? That is the first question homeowners often ask. Lawn experts agree morning is the best time for watering. In the afternoon, heat is at its strongest and water evaporates more quickly. While temperatures do cool overnight, standing water on lawns can have a negative effect causing disease and fungus, such as Brown and Summer patch issues.

More than just time of day makes a difference. It is important to determine how long to water the lawn.  The general rule of thumb is to moisten the soil about 4 to 6 inches down yet will that take 15 minutes, an hour or more? Soils can be clay, sand or some combination of the two and be depending on its make-up, the runtime for watering will differ as will the frequency. Clay-based soils require watering less often – approximately once a week. On the contrary, sandier soils should be watered more like three times each week depending on weather conditions. The key is to let your lawn to determine the optimum frequency and monitor irrigation to determine the length of time it takes before run-off water appears. Paying attention, using a timer and creating a schedule results in greater conservation and cost savings.

Now that the when and how much is answered; the question turns to “what is the best watering system?” Not everyone can afford or is looking to invest in an in-ground irrigation system, so sprinklers are a viable option. But which one – pulsating, revolving, oscillating or? For an established lawn, a system that pulsates and revolves is best while newer lawns are better watered by oscillating sprinklers while they are taking root.

Watering is just one of many ways to keep a landscape thriving. At Young’s Landscape, we have a comprehensive month-by-month online resource to help. Because once again, timing is everything.

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