Save Time and Money with Young’s Comprehensive Lawn Care Program

Lawns are like people – no two are the same. Some are in direct sunlight with severe dry patches. Others are shrouded in tree shadows and retain more water. So, when it comes to lawn care, cookie cutter programs are a no-no. But why? Does customization really matter? The short answer… Yes.

For starters, soil fluctuates and what it needs to flourish can be different from house to house. Likewise, the lay of the land varies, literally – even door to door. A custom lawn care program is cost-effective when designed based on a property’s specific needs and by a local team. Finding the right partner – one who embraces these differences – is key. At least that’s our belief.

The Young’s Landscaping Traditional Lawn Care Program is unlike many conventional regimens; it is not stodgy nor standard. It is built on years of proven experience injected with the latest advancements and a series of seasonal applications to make sure your lawn is beautiful winter, spring, summer, and fall. Like any relationship, it begins with getting to know one another – what the lawn thirsts for in light of your needs, goals, and budget. Homeownership is a big and often lifelong investment so our view is one of a partnership for the long term.

So at Young’s, we never shy away from getting our hands dirty. In fact, we like it and promote the importance of soil testing as a first step to achieving a healthy lawn. Thorough sampling and analysis will help us design the most suitable program that includes the right blend of our 8-step Traditional Lawn Care Program, which includes pre and post-emergent weed control, slow seasonal fertilization and soil enrichment. This combined with winter protection, comprehensive treatments, and on-going maintenance will have your lawn is ready when it is time for seeding, plantings, mulching, pruning and more.

For more FAQs, visit our website. Questions about your particular home? We’re here to answer.

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Young’s Landscape Management, Inc. can provide each client with a comprehensive maintenance program that is truly customized to fit you and your budget to help keep your lawn and garden looking beautiful all throughout the year.

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