At Young’s Landscape Management Good Things Start With Solid Roots!

In real estate, it’s all about location location, location. In film, it’s lights camera action. While there’s not a coined phrase in landscape management and design, one thing is for sure it’s rooted in relationships. At least that’s our position at Young’s Landscape Management. Customer relationships are the seeds that have helped us grow.

This year, we are looking to further engage with clients and our community more than ever before. Our regular e-mails are complemented by Young’s new website. Built with our clients in mind, it is a resource chock full of seasonal tips – reminding you to establish and follow a winter protection regimen in February or plan for fall plantings and build a new compost pile in August. After more than 25 years in business, we have compiled a list of commonly asked questions too. “How do I choose a landscape designer?” “Can I have any size fire pit?” “Is synthetic turf really maintenance free?” These are just a few of the FAQs we’ve answered.

But one-way communications alone just won’t do. Instead, we are looking to hold a conversation. Whether it’s through social media, surveys or a quick Q&A call, we want to have even more interaction with you. What are your questions? How can we help? What are you thinking? The value of such client insight and feedback is invaluable. Yet this is not only our management team but every member of Young’s staff.

For those of you who know Dan, this customer commitment is no surprise and “clients are like family” is not a cliché. He learned early on that landscaping is a business built on relationships. If clients are happy with the work completed, their friends will take notice and want equally beautiful results. And… while weeds are rather taboo in the world of landscaping, clients’ word-of-mouth are weeds we don’t mind spreading.

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Young’s Landscape Management, Inc. can provide each client with a comprehensive maintenance program that is truly customized to fit you and your budget to help keep your lawn and garden looking beautiful all throughout the year.

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