Staying Home Has Never Been Better!

Especially when there are no walls…

The staycation – a word first used as far back as the 1940s took on a life of its own over the past decade. It has given new meaning to outdoor living spaces as families have been choosing to travel less and spend time with friends nearby. While entertaining at home has never been more popular, the right exterior living environment also adds great value and curb appeal to your property. Like the home itself, it should capture an owners’ essence and character – just do so without walls.

Despite the unique nature of these outdoor living spaces, there are certain commonalities – somewhere to cook, a place to relax and an area to have fun… it will be the details that vary greatly. Consider the standalone barbeque of the past; in today’s landscape, that will no longer do. In fact, outdoor kitchens often rival their counterparts inside the home. From a dual-burning grill to wet bar and storage areas, everything should be easily at arm’s reach and blend the obvious man-made features into the natural setting.

An outdoor kitchen is just one piece. The “wall-less space” is a somewhere to kick back after a long day or play for hours with friends. Traditional 10-foot by 10-foot patios have been replaced with a mix of larger areas for entertaining and tranquil nooks to escape the daily routine. Comfortable yet durable furniture is a must while a fireplace or sunken fire pit adds further warmth.

The key is to design a functional space that complements the environment, style, and taste of the home. That’s why Young’s Landscape Management’s first step is to ask a lot of questions and create a plan that outlines the homeowner’s vision, timeline, and budget. As a partner, we explore the current environment and discuss the client’s lifestyle and motivation for the project. In short, consideration is given to every aspect – from the big picture to the finest detail. For inspiration, please check out some of our past work here.

Next steps… Let’s get started. We’re ready. Are you?

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