Companies Like Trees Need Solid Roots

Meet Young’s Office Trio and Front Line

What do trees and companies have in common? While there may be more than one answer, top of the list is solid, deep-seeded roots. In the case of trees, strengthening agents are soil, water, and other nutrients. Companies rely on their people, and at Young’s, it’s our office trio on the front line. Meet Christine, Linda, and Jennifer – more than a first voice but key in our core.

To say Christine is grounded in Young’s fundamental ideals is an understatement.  She’s been a part of its foundation for two decades since meeting Dan, an aspiring business toting a shoebox of receipts from his parents’ basement. It was a time of pagers vs. cell phones, snail mail letters vs. email. As office manager, Christine’s role has expanded through the years, and today, she wears many, many, many hats. She’s also the “go to” for questions knowing she’ll find the answers. A longtime resident of Lumberton, Christine and her husband (a Young’s landscape designer) have two teenage sons who keep them busy. When not at work – and there are such occasions – Christine will be kicking back with family at the Jersey Shore and wearing a good pair of flip-flops from her vast collection.

After several years holding down the fort, Christine was joined by Linda ~ an assistant with a strong work ethic, dedicated commitment to client relationships and favorite long-standing motto … “be a flower, not a weed.” Friendly and upbeat, she is often the first person to answer the phone and welcome guests to Young’s farm where she enjoys the change of seasons. As she nears her 10th year, Linda has one project that still stands out – the peaceful serenity of the Saint Charles Borromeo prayer garden.

The newest member of Young’s office trio is Jennifer, an eager hard worker who dove right in from day one and has proven to be ready for any challenge. No stranger to working in busy offices having done so for 20 years, her days are filled with juggling varied accounting and other routine tasks.  Jennifer truly believes “there’s no place like home” and it’s a good bet why she enjoys helping Young’s homeowner clients make a house into a home.  It is her family that is the reason she looks forward to “get up and go” every day.

For this team, no two days are ever alike. But no matter the task at hand, everything stops when a customer calls. Even Dan takes a backseat. So, the next time you have a question or stop in, don’t miss the chance to say “hi.”

(Photo: Left to Right, Jennifer, Linda & Christine)

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