September Landscaping Tips and Information


  • The days are becoming shorter, have you considered adding low voltage lighting to extend your outdoor fall usage.
  • Start your fall planting. Fall planting allows for more extensive root development prior to next summer’s drought. Cooler fall temperatures are an ideal time to plant.
  • Think about adding some fall season colors such as Mums, Pansies, cabbage, or Kale.
  • Weed beds as needed.
  • Be mindful of dangers while using outdoor fire pits and fireplaces.

Flower & Vegetable Gardens

  • “Tip” or “Pinch” dead flowers once they have finished blooming.
  • Keep beds mulched to retain moisture. Add grass clippings to gardens.
  • Cut back perennials showing signs that their season is over. 6-12” from the ground.
  • Remove fading annual flowers.
  • Add the fall color mentioned above.

Tree & Shrub Beds

  • Continue your comprehensive tree and shrub care program, or start one. If not doing it yourself, please use a licensed professional.
  • Touch up mulch in your planting beds as needed to control weeds and retain moisture.
  • Monitor for insect damage. The late summer insects such as; Scale, Aphids, Spider mites, Japanese beetles and Bag worms are still active
  • Make sure new plantings are hand watered.
  • Feed your shrubs.


  • Continue mowing at about 3” high as needed. “ Grass-cycle”- leave the clippings for free fertilizer. * Mow shorter (2”) prior to any renovation and over seeding.
  • Make sure that your mower blade is kept sharp.
  • Water using best practices such as timing watering to limit evaporation and lawns remaining wet overnight.
  • Perform fall renovation work such as; aeration, thatching, and over-seeding. Fall is the time to seed. Apply lime as needed along with a “ Starter” fertilizer.


  • Monitor moisture levels at the plants roots, not on the surface.
  • Water new plantings by hand as well as by an irrigation system.
  • Water lawns, if no rain, in the amount of 1” per week.
  • Water responsibly using best practices.
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