May Landscaping Tips and Information


  • Apply deer and rabbit repellents to your planting areas
  • Monitor flea and tick activity, if it is a warm spring.

Flower & Vegetable Gardens

  • Clean up the garden.
  • Add your compost, if not done.
  • Weed beds before planting.
  • Plant summer annuals, bedding plants and vegetables as they come available. Our seasonal temperatures and winters vary from year to year changing our planting schedules.
  • Sow sunflower, marigold, cosmos and zinnia seeds.

Tree & Shrub Beds

  • Continue your comprehensive tree and shrub care program, or start one. If not doing it yourself, please use a licensed professional.
  • Fertilize woody plants, if not done.
  • Deep root feed with a systemic insecticide.
  • Prune spring flowering plants once they are finished blooming.
  • Monitor for pests such as these diseases: Leafspot, leaf blight and applescab, rust.
  • If not completed already, apply a fresh layer of mulch to beds. NO mulch volcanos, keep the mulch away from plant trunks and soft wood.


  • Continue mowing at about 3” high as needed. “ Grasscycle”- leave the clippings for free fertilizer.
  • Water using best practices such as timing watering to limit evaporation and lawns remaining wet overnight.
  • Start or continue your traditional or organic lawn care program. Apply a natural organic or “slow release” fertilizer.
  • Monitor for diseases such as Dollar Spot and Red Thread


  • Prepare your irrigation system by testing, adjusting and repairing any leaks.
  • Monitor moisture levels at the plants roots, not on the surface.
  • Water new plantings and seed.
  • Water responsibly using best practices.
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