June Landscaping Tips and Information


  • Weed beds as needed.
  • Move your indoor plants to a shady location outside and fertilize them.

Flower & Vegetable Gardens

  • Apply fungicide to roses to prevent mildew and black spots.
  • Monitor roses for Rose slugs
  • Keep beds mulched to retain moisture.
  • Cut garden flowers to enjoy inside the home.
  • Plant summer annuals, bedding plants and vegetables as they come available. Our seasonal temperatures and winters vary from year to year changing our planting schedules.

Tree & Shrub Beds

  • Continue your comprehensive tree and shrub care program, or start one. If not doing it yourself, please use a licensed professional.
  • Prune flowering plants once they are finished blooming.
  • Prune hedges and evergreens.
  • Monitor for pests such as lace bugs, bag worms and scale.


  • Continue mowing at about 3” high as needed. “ Grasscycle”- leave the clippings for free fertilizer.
  • Water using best practices such as timing watering to limit evaporation and lawns remaining wet overnight. Early morning watering is best to reduce fungus issues.
  • Apply your second crabgrass pre-emergent treatment.
  • Monitor for insect and fungus damage as well as for weeds such as: Green Kylinga and Nutsedge.


  • Monitor moisture levels at the plants roots, not on the surface.
  • Water new plantings by hand as well as by an irrigation system.
  • Water lawns, if no rain, in the amount of 1” per week.
  • Water responsibly using best practices.
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