January Landscaping Tips and Information


  • Establish and follow a winter protection plan for your landscape and hardscape.
    • Protect sensitive plantings
    • Use proper de-icing salts on pavers to assure safe foot and vehicle traffic.
    • Avoid Rock Salt products which can damage hardscapes and plantings.
    • Apply only the amount needed, more is not always better. Use ice melt responsibly.
  • Continue to build your compost pile
  • Store firewood outside until ready to use to avoid insects coming into your home.
  • Use safe practices and review safety procedures for shoveling snow and/or operating your snow blower.

Flower & Vegetable Gardens

  • Rake winter leaf mulch back over the area if the wind blows it off.
  • Weed beds as needed to prevent weeds from going to seed.

Tree & Shrub Beds

  • Water evergreens if the ground is not frozen.
  • Protect evergreens from snow damage by gently brushing off any snow build up Avoid shaking the branches as this may cause breakage.
  • Prune fruit trees and other woody trees and shrubs while they are dormant.
Hardscape | Lumberton, NJ | Young's Landscape Management, Inc.
Hardscape | Young's Landscape Management, Inc.