April Landscaping Tips and Information


  • Are your spring landscape projects started or scheduled?
    • Have you considered adding hardscape, plantings, low voltage lighting or a sound system?
    • Have you planned an Arbor day planting?
    • Is your lawn mower checked and serviced or have you contacted your lawn care professional?
    • Do you have a planned lawn and plant care program for the season? If not have you signed up for one with a licensed professional?
  • Test soils in lawns and beds to see what nutrients and supplements are needed.
  • Watch for early season pests. (scale, aphids, tent caterpillars and etc. plus weeds)

Flower & Vegetable Gardens

  • Clean up the garden.
  • Add your compost. ( 1-3”)
  • Weed beds before planting spring flowers.
  • Consider native plants requiring less water and care in our area.
  • Cut back ornamental grasses and perennials.

Tree & Shrub Beds

  • Replace winter damaged shrubs. Consider spring flowering plants.
  • Prepare planting areas with compost and other amendments.
  • Prune dead wood or winter damage.
  • *DO NOT Prune spring flowering trees and shrubs unless just removing damage.
  • Prune hedges and summer blooming shrubs.
  • Apply a fresh layer of mulch to beds. NO mulch volcanos, keep the mulch away from plant trunks and soft wood.


  • Start mowing at about 3” high as needed. “ Grasscycle”- leave the clippings for free fertilizer.
  • For lawns not cared for in the fall and in poor condition: Aerate, dethatch, topdress where needed and overseed.
  • Start or continue your traditional or organic lawn care program. Now is the time for the first Crabgrass pre-emergent application.


  • Prepare your irrigation system by testing, adjusting, and repairing any leaks.
  • Monitor moisture levels at the plant’s roots, not on the surface.
  • Water new plantings and seed.
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