Enjoying life outdoors doesn't have to end when the sun goes down. Effective lighting does more than just extend outdoor time, artistic landscape and hardscape lighting can accentuate natural and architectural details, ensure safe use of outdoor amenities and add a layer of security for your property. It can also set a mood.

Landscape lighting should be low maintenance, last a long time and provide many years of enjoyment. So, at Young's, we are an exclusive distributor for Coastal Source, manufacturers of superior landscape lighting and installation systems designed to defy the elements.

According to Franco D'Ascanio, owner of Coastal Source, "Exterior lighting has to be tough. Irrigation, fertilizer, insecticides and bugs all take a toll on the typical landscape lighting system. While this is especially important for those living on the coast with the damage caused by salt spray, elements within the soil in general replicate the erosive nature of coastal air, including salt and moisture." (More about Coastal Source, click here.)

Why Coastal?

At Young's, ensuring customer satisfaction is paramount and in the selection of exterior landscape lighting, we use Coastal Source products for long-standing viability. All Coastal Source products and systems share superior quality characteristics, including:

Whether we're incorporating lighting technology into one of our design projects, or we're simply illuminating an existing landscape, we can add dimension and impact to your home's exterior. At Young's, we are committed to offering lighting solutions that are durable, energy efficient and weather-resistant, so your investment delivers enjoyment as well as value.

Don't take our word for it, here's what clients are saying. (Click here.)