We're in the business of capturing people's dreams for their homes and making those dreams come true. Sounds magical, but it's really not. But to interpret someone's imagination and vision and help it take shape - and achieve the desired result within the budget and time frame we mutually agree on - requires expertise, discipline, and communication. That's why the Young's process is so valuable - to us and our clients.

Our relationship begins with a detailed discussion about what your goals and expectations are. Here, we gather insights about your home's current appearance, the area you wish to enhance, how you envision using that area, what styles you prefer, and how much you're looking to invest. We also want to address other relevant factors and motivations early on, like if you're updating in order to sell your home, or if this project will be done in conjunction with other renovations.

After our initial fact-finding mission, if we haven't already, we'll visit your home to see the property first-hand. At this point, we'll share our feedback on your vision, offering suggestions to refine the original idea and scope, complement the current environment, and maximize your budget, among other things.

Our proposal - among the best in the business - will give you a clear picture of your project, as well as how we plan to make the vision a reality.

Once we've agreed upon the goals and parameters around your vision, our design team goes to work. Within a few weeks, we'll deliver a detailed rendering illustrating our plan. Then, once we've made any and all necessary adjustments - from fine-tuning nuances to re-thinking entire concepts - we'll prepare for installation.

Naturally, beyond each exceptional Young's creative vision is the craftsmanship. If the team in the field doesn't share the same passion for details and dedication to customer service, the designers' creations won't reach their full potential.

To bring our ideas to life, our installation teams are second to none - in terms of both professionalism and quality of work. Your supervisor is on the job every day, coaching and working alongside a team of Young's pros - individuals who work for us, and who will care for your home like it's their own.

Upon completion of your project, at least one senior member of the Young's team will visit your home to review the job with you, assess the work and compare it to our original scope, sketches, and expectations, and ensure that your are completely thrilled with how and what we delivered.

The end result is a magnificent creation that truly enriches your life at home. It all started with you and your vision of the ideal lifestyle.

Over the past decade-and-a-half, we've honed our skills - and our process - to make sure we're the best there is at understanding that vision, massaging it 'til it's perfect, and then bringing it all together in a way that meets your expectations on every level.