• Flower and Vegetable Gardens
  • Tree and Shrub Beds
  • Composting


  • Begin planning for fall gardening.
  • Prepare for lawn renovation.

Flower and Vegetable Gardens

  • Mulch flower and vegetable beds with compost or grass clippings to conserve water and control weeds.
  • Keep pests off sensitive vegetables with the use fabric row covers.

Tree and Shrub Beds

  • Mulch shrub and tree beds with shredded wood, leaves or bark once a year to conserve water, reduce weeds and feed the soil.
  • Prune evergreen shrubs and small trees in late August.


  • Mow regularly, and leave the clippings on the lawn.
  • Keep mower blades sharp to reduce lawn damage and brown tips.
  • Save water by letting less-traffic lawn areas go brown and dormant until fall.


  • Water at dawn to reduce evaporation and avoid fungus.
  • Water lawns 1 inch per week, if no rain, or let go brown and dormant.
  • Re-check watering systems and adjust for weather, dry areas and other conditions.
  • Check new plantings (within the last year) as they may need additional hand watering.


  • Add yard debris to compost pile; water piles to keep it moist. Place pile in the shade or cover to hold moisture.